Aquamelody Houseboat

Aquamelody houseboat

Aquamelody houseboats is the prime asset of Global Vision Tours, a leading name in the travel and tour company in India and a renowned figure in Kerala. Aqua Melody a name itself is enough to make you feel the luxury and comfort.

These boats are able with comfortable beds and delicious foods that let you adore the cruise comfortably. Take a comfortable adventure and analyze the agreeableness of the breathtaking backwaters and compelling natural beauty. These regions accommodate you confinement for an adventurous honeymoon. You will absolutely enjoy the sheer verdant surrounding, green ambiance of water and tweets of singing birds. Aquamelody houseboat has got all the comforts like that of a standard hotel including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, comfortable active rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony. The houseboat room are neat and clean with modern  amenities like LCD TV, DVD, micro-oven, air conditioner etc. The best of the room or Aqua Melody is the open glass window that can open so wide to give you the view which most of the tourists go for houseboat cruise. You can fell the nature just passing so close by your windows, sitting right inside your room.

The Aquamelody houseboats are no ordinary boats. The akin of affluence depends on the group. You can visit the boat for a day or for an absolute week. The absolutely furnished interiors cover television, bathrooms, kitchen, and a costly bedroom. Skilled cooks adapt adorable acceptable commons on board, which are served in accepted plantain leaves. You can as well appeal your best of food. Going for a backwater cruise on any of the Aqua Melody houseboat would re-define your travel experiences and rejuvenate your senses with enriching memories. 

Modern Toilets


What environmental impact do kerala backwaters houseboats have? Type of Kerala houseboats 

Do you think that the much hype about the Kerala backwaters and houseboats are worth experiencing on a vacation or tour to Kerala? Is it not the false glorification of the people that is making houseboats and backwaters so very popular? Well coming to this point, going for a houseboat cruise over the backwaters of Kerala are worth every penny and is surely going to give once in a lifetime experience. But apart from this, the darker side is that the cruise over the backwater causes bad impact to the nature as well as the irreparable damage ecosystem.

Houseboat cruise truly gives a luxury feeling and unique experience but the bad impact over the nature is truly taking away the charm for which the backwaters of Kerala are famous for. Once described as the azure water of the backwater turns gold with the setting of the sun, now it is black all over making it very hard for the backwater eco-system to thrive. Animals residing inside the backwater are not slowing disappearing due to the bad impact of the motor run houseboats which pollutes the water.

  •  According to the locals, once the Kerala tourism gets over the water of the backwater turns black in color making it very difficult for the locals to carry out their day to day work like bathing, washing of cloths and watering to the paddy fields.
  • Slowly the rise in the pollution of the backwater is causing an irreparable damage to eco-system and is badly impacting the amphibians.
  • Motor run houseboats are rapidly degrading the natural beauty, for which Kerala is well known all over the world.
  •  Last but not the least, the journey that one is suppose to get cannot be offered by the motorized houseboats. So go eco-friendly and enjoy ride over a traditional houseboat run by the oarsmen. This houseboat cannot offer you long journey but is sure to let you feel the beauty and alluring charm of the nature by offering you leisure trip and tranquility.

Hneymoon in Aquamelody Houseboat

After wedding, the most important moment for a brace is honeymoon. For every couple, honeymoon is the time for romance, excitement and leisure. Couple’s attending for an ideal destination which can accommodate them acceptable ambiance with privacy, luxury, calmness and security at its best. The couples face difficulties to get such destination and generally abash where to go? To assist you to choose a honeymoon destination, travel agents or honeymoon planners can help you. Also they action exciting amusement packages for altered destinations.

There are several amusement holiday destinations in India which captivates couples from all over the world. Such an anesthetic honeymoon destination is Kerala (also famously declared as the God's Own Country) anchored in India. It is one of the most admirable states and day-tripper destinations of India. Its different geographical and cultural features deserve the absorption of families, lovers, couples, honeymooners, etc.

Kerala has numerous options for the honeymooners its beautiful beaches, serene backwaters, luxury loaded houseboats, outstanding hill stations, enchanting lakes, scary wildlife, rich flora and fauna and many alike easily will entice the honeymooners and tempt them to visit this place again and again.

Spending your Honeymoon in Aquamelody houseboats forth with the backwater flowing in and about will offer the couples an admirable felling to both your eyes and soul. This houseboat is alleged the queen of the Kerala backwaters. This backwater cruise will accord you an alone one of its affectionate experience of amphibian home, which can conceivably be imagined, accumulation holidaying, pleasure-boating and ecological active in an exciting way. A coast in a "Kettuvallam" (Houseboat) through the arresting backwaters is abiding to abduct your heart.

Thus honeymoon in Aquamelody houseboat is truly going to be a affair of lifetime which both of you will love to writing the experiences and memories over the boat with inks of Gold. Aqua Melody Houseboat is a brand in itself, so much praised and loved by not just couples of tourists from India but from tourists who have travel on these houseboats from across the world. 


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