Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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The Lord Almighty has bestowed his blessings upon the snow carved niches of Gulmarg.

Amidst the astounding snowy mountain ranges and awe-inspiring picturesque valley of
Jammu and Kashmir there lies the astonishing town of Gulmarg literally meaning “Meadow of flowers”. It is a serene place that provides peace of mind and motivating refreshment to our marathon livelihood of 21st century. 

With its unique nature driven structure and amazingly nurtured climatic conditions, the place offers a lot of variety in terms of a picnic spot, a melancholic holiday destination, a family get together and a surprisingly energetic soul searching campaign.

The Hill Station lies in the district of Baramula at an altitude of 2730 meters. Earlier it was known as Gaurimarg, where Gauri stands for the Hindu Goddess Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva. The name Gulmarg was given to this place by the then King of Kashmir “Yousuf Shah Chak”. 

Guarded by the stunning peaks of the Himalayan ranges, Gulmarg is a spectacular picnic spot attracted by all kinds of tourists with its posh green environment, beautiful landscapes, lovely gardens, philanthropic lakes and pleasant appalled weather conditions during the summers and falls. 

Due to its numerous physical attractions, the place attracts Tourists both local and foreigner all the year round. This magnificent hill station was a pleasure resort for kings and royal family members and a summer retreat for the British officers during the British Raaj in India. 

In fact the renowned central Asian explorer, Sir Marc Aural Stein, made this place as his halting location between the expeditions earlier in the 20th century. History speaks of different kings and Royal people as hearty admirer of this place and among the Mughal emperors, Jehangir being the one who frequently visited the outskirts of Gulmarg

This Hilly Town happens to be very attractive with its Green surroundings, lush gardens blooming with colorful flowers spreading its aroma and fragrance. It is also one among the best ski resorts in India as it gets ample amount of snowfall winter being the most. Many of the highest ski slopes in India fall under the sloppy Himalayan regions of Gulmarg.

The Lord Almighty has bestowed his blessings upon the snow carved niches of Gulmarg. The perfect climate and peaceful atmospheric condition has been a major boon for the locals in providing them with surplus amount of employment and a decent livelihood. 

The feather in the cap is that Gulmarg is credited with the longest and highest cable car project in the whole of Asia. A jolly ride experience in this cable car leaves an everlasting impression in the heart.

The Hilly town was also taken into consideration for the Winter Commonwealth Games 2010 but was cancelled later. Among the choices, there are many interesting Gulmarg Tourist places, few of them being as Botpathri in Nagin Valley, St.Mary Church, Shiva Temple, Kongdori etc. 

Surplus amount of taxis, buses flow in from Srinagar to the place to provide a convenient way to reach the place and enjoy its scenic beauty. A week long holiday trip in this amazing Hilly Town would surely freshen up the mind and provide enormous amount of joy and happiness back home for anyone who visits Gulmarg.


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