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The easiest way to get to Cinque Island is to travel from Chira Tapu on dinghies

There is nothing better for a person who loves the sea and everything associated with
the sea than a visit to the Andaman Islands. All thirty seven islands are not the best and the most popular for the tourists who go there and yet, there is plenty to do while in the Andamans.

The islands are mostly very green and also the inhabitants go a long way in order to maintain their cleanliness and their standards for good and quality hospitality. It also has one of the most interesting and vibrant histories that tells the story of struggle, of pain and of victory. 

Apart from the historical places of interest there is much to do in terms of sport and so all sport enthusiast will have one hell of a time when they’re at the Andamans. So what are the important and interesting Andaman tourist places that you could explore? They could be examined as follows. 

The Cinque Island is in fact comprised of two islets which are conjoined by a sand isthmus and there are high tides on either side. It is one of the most interesting places to be at in the Andamans. 

There are two water sports that are really popular in the islets and they include deep sea diving and snorkeling. Snorkeling is done mostly around the reefs. It is indeed a wonder to witness the corals reef which is stretched out between the twin islands. There are other sports as well that are popular in this region and they include Scuba Diving, Swimming, Fishing and Camping. 

The easiest way to get to Cinque Island is to travel from Chira Tapu on dinghies. Tourists are not allowed to stay overnight while they are in Cinque Island. This is mostly for security reasons. 

Towards the north of the Andamans is the Island Diglipur which is a very cool and interesting eco friendly experience for tourists who visit there. The things that it is mainly famous for are oranges, rice and its rich marine life. The most popular place to visit here is Saddle Peak which is known to be the highest point in the islands. 

Also, the only river in the Andamans which is called Kalpong runs through this island. There are two primary bay beaches which are located here and they include Kalipur and Lamiya. There are several villages that you could explore when you are here. There are many people who visit this island of the Andamans solely because they want to run away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Be sure that you make all of your bookings way ahead of time because most of the hotels and also the flights will be booked way in advance especially in the holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year. Also, a lot of people who like the sun resort to a holiday in the Andamans because even in the winters the temperatures remain high and so people do not have to deal with extremely cold weather at all.


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