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Experience an Essence of Land Of Diversity, India
India for first timers would be no less than a spring
of surprise because an overwhelming crowd that comes with diversity and reflects different colours actually connotes regarding the real grounds of India.
Within the mist of mystical approach and mysterious initiative what do we require to actually understand the outstanding morphology and metamorphosis of India could be the first question that traveller must look to understand.
Speaking on the same context the article here looks to give you a brief idea regarding your journey to India. So how for how long are we planning to trade in soil of India is an essential question because the journey to India in fact can’t be covered in 2 weeks so consider being around the site of Northern Parts of India to see the flourishing wonders of this iconic democratic country.

Now when it comes to explore the northern blocks of India then consider yourself lucky because the entire northern helms is diversified with all kind of destinations so a journey here would not make you miss out in any opportunity in any terms.
The basic language of India is Hindi and traveller should not hesitate to try couple of complimentary words like Namastey, Sukriya, app kaise hai, Nam Kya hai all this short phrase are enough to get familiar with the acutely hospitable environment of India.
So far as monitory exchange is concern than make sure to exchange the coins or notes in Indian denomination to enjoy uninterrupted moment of life.
Tour Along With Group or Tour Alone
When it comes to travel agency think about the brilliant haul of Global Vision tours and travel service as they are expert and experienced in terms of customising your journey. Well if you are planning to walk alone then gather first hand info regarding the places you are going to visit or better hire a knowledgeable guide who can give you insight story regarding the places.
How to Stay Fit
Although the street foods and humid environment could well force you to eat or drink like locals but think thousand times before committing the same cause you would not want to get stuck in hospital for medical issues.
Vaccination before travelling here is must. Make sure to contact with your prescribed doctors before travelling and let her/him know about the journey and for how long you would be travelling so that he could give you precautionary details.

Forget travelling without health insurance and medical kit beside that make sure to get oral vaccine in order to prevent you from Diarrhoea and dysentery.
 How to Stay Safe
For women travellers make sure to be aware regarding the growing assault in India so to be in safe side prefer staying at room which is accounted for female travellers only. Such initiative was narrated by the tourism ministry who has called for standard rooms for women all across the country calls for a better safeguard and security.
For women make sure to dress accordingly and sensibly don’t make sure not to wear the clothes against the norms and strictly say no to short dresses and vulgar one. Do not walk alone during the festival time and make sure to return back to your den in correct time.
Another tip for all travellers is that the nation unfortunately is patrolled by hundreds of beggars and it is better to give them something consumable. Traveller who wishes to help such exploited people should give charity to respective organisation.
How to Get Around
Within the urban mist it is very easy to get local services like Auto Rickshaw and taxi but make sure to travel along with it during day time. Local train could be a better option but safety being a main concern it is not recommended.
Under such circumstances what best you can do is hire cab and driver but make sure to examine him before signing the deal.  Although auto rickshaw are cheap but make sure to get them on a terminus or else there is a high chance of getting scammed.
Where to Stay
When it comes to accommodation then it depends on the amount of money are looking forward to invest but the best deals you would find in midterm hotels. Although if you have stretch of economy then how about hoping into luxurious hotels like Taj, J W Marriott, Rose and many more.
In recent time staying at Boutiques has become famous in Delhi so if you the word matching your thoughts than consider staying at Rose of Hauz Khas of Delhi. Beside that Hotel Madri Haveli of Udaipur in terms of boutiques are as luxurious and comfortable as you would expect it to be.

Where to Shop
For shopping consider coming into Ganesh Emporium of Udaipur, Rajasthan where you will see the magical creation if hand. While coming here witness the embroidery works designs, Miniature paintings, ornaments and many more.
Consider pink city Jaipur to be your next shopping destination where you will witness precious and semi precious stones beside that the pottery work here are extensive. Other places where you can buy the souvenir are Agra and Varanasi
Places of Interest around Northern Part of India

Varanasi- Holy city of Varanasi where river Ganges bends its way to give a divine course makes the journey spiritual. Make sure to walk during the stroll of morning to witness the serenity in ambience.
Ladakh- the land of High passes is undoubtedly the place where travellers meet the springs of life.  Thrilled with worthy slopes of Himalaya the boundary here passes and connects the line of China making it one of the efficient tourist places.
Darjeeling- Queen of Hills is what they call whenever the realm of Darjeeling is put onto focus. Nestling ambience attributed by the essence of tea plantation and astounding tourist places the journey here would be a call of life.
 McLeod ganj- McLeod Ganj in Dharmasala is like oasis in between the perks of desert. The serenity which was once inspired by the residence of Dalai Lama is one of the holy places where Buddhist people cluster in to perform the spiritual norms.

Delhi- the very moment you land in Delhi an essence of classified wonders would touch your sense and following the same tunnel up to visit Red Fort Complex of Delhi which is the heritage site and can be considered as the sole attraction of Delhi.
Agra- a visit to Agra means a glance to the bygone era where love and sacrifice is embodied in the eternal walls of Taj Mahal.
Udaipur-considered as India’s most romantic city the Architectural beauty that depicts the glory of Mughal benevolence can be considered as the place where you could witness and feel the vibe of tranquillity.
Delicious cuisine, City palace, gorgeous textiles all are affluent visage of Udaipur. So consider coming here to ride the horse near the surrounding desert to understand the glory of 16th century.
Jodhpur- consequently located at a distance of around 45 to 50 Km away from Udaipur the blue city is addressed by majestic Mehrangarh fort where you can witness the history of Rajasthan. Beside that make sure to walk into the site of Umaid Bhawan Palace which is another gliding wonders of Rajasthan.

Jaiselmer- the golden city that rises abruptly from the arid zone of Thar Desert, the Golden City of Jaiselemer is the most tranquil place around Rajasthan. The journey here could well give you an opportunity to witness the Royal monument of the erstwhile raja and maharaja of Jaiselmer. The sunset trek along with camel is most recommended.

Go South during Your Second Trip
Mumbai- the Bollywood state is often termed as city of dreams where budding talents and remarkable artiste comes to try their luck. Although we won’t suggest you to the same but when it comes to travelling we would recommend you to witness Matheran hill station where your adventure loop would tie a knot to give you different experience.
Goa-the land of beaches was once the home of their colonials who discovered the course of Goa almighty Portuguese and still the morning dust that bask along with the ray of sun gives an essence of their the then colonials.

Hampi-possibly the most astounding and scenic places around India where you are sure to witness the architectural benevolence of many eras come here to witness the serenity in air because Hampi is one hell of a beautiful place.
Kerala- tropical majesty which is complimented by natural wonders like magical backwaters, lakes and floating houseboat speaks the volume.


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